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MGL Infinity ALT1 Altimeter

£ 239.00(272.82 €)
Discontinued Product
MGL Infinity ALT1 Altimeter

The ALT-1 is a 2.25 instrument that, if required, contains a precision encoding altimeter and a wide range vertical speed indicator. The altimeter conforms to ANSI standard atmosphere rules from minus 700 ft up to a maximum of 40 000 ft. The altimeter includes an encoding serial output that when used in combination with MGL Avionics CNV-AT, provides a parallel Gillman code interface for transponders. The altimeter can display altitude in feet or metres, local pressure can be set in millibars or inches of mercury

The onboard VSI indicator is altitude compensated and can be displayed in either feet/minute (ft/min) or metres/second (m/s). It also offers a digital readout with a wide range from +/-20 ft/min to as high as +/-10 000 ft/min, it also offers a logarithmic analogue display with a +/-2000 ft range. The VSI can be calibrated by the user once the instrument has been installed in the aircraft.

In addition the ALT-1 provides an OAT sender which is used in the determining the density altitude of the aircraft. The ALT-1 can also be used to measure relative altitude and the pilot has the facility to enter a reference altitude and deviation band to help maintain a level.

MGL Avionics Infinity ALT 1 manual


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