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Talos Aeolus Sense 3B EFIS - Special Price

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Talos Aeolus Sense 3B EFIS - Special Price

AEOLUS-SENSE includes the following sensors:

  • Pressure/airspeed sensors (connects to the pitot/static tubes of your aeroplane)
  • Barometric sensor for correct altitude indication
  • Temperature sensor with external probe.
  • 3-axes gyroscopes
  • 3-axes accelerometer
  • 3-axes magnetometer
  • GPS receiver with external antenna


  • Artificial Horizon (AHRS)
  • Pitot/Static derived indication of IAS, TAS, Altitude, Vertical speed.
  • Connect to your existing pitot / static system using optional fitting kit
  • Ground speed (via GPS)
  • Altimeter (via Pitot/static or GPS)
  • Vertical speed (via Pitot/static or GPS)
  • Turn coordinator
  • Slip ball
  • Compass
  • True course indicator (via GPS)
  • Deviation from true track indication

AEOLUS-SENSE connects to any device running Android 4.0 / IOS 8.0 or higher via wifi. 

Download the A-EFIS free application using the links below. When connected to AEOLUS-SENSE, it automatically switches to become a full colour display.

PLEASE NOTE: The Aeolus Sense connects to your existing pitot static system. You can connect multiple devices to a single pitot static line without affecting the readings on your existing altimeter, ASI or VSI. Use our optional fitting kit, which comes with two T connectors and 2 metres of PVC tubing.


A-EFIS FREE - Download it and Try It Now!

A-EFIS is an Electronic Flight Information System for aircraft, running on IOS and Android devices. It uses their native gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers and GPS sensors. No external sensors are needed for reliable operation - the FREE back-up solution for any aircraft. This free version has all the features of A-EFIS, without any time limitations or loss of functionality.

The only limitation is the interface, which is in black and white. Also bare in mind the quality and availability of the sensors in your device, and the lack of a pitot and static connection. However, when this application is connected via WiFi to the Aeolus Sense it becomes a full colour display using the high quality internal sensors and pitot / static ports of the Aeolus Sense.



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