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Flight Instruments

Vega Range - fits into standard 2 1/4" / 56mm panel hole

Velocity Range - fits into standard 3 1/8" / 80mm panel hole

XTreme EMS and EFIS/EMS can be installed into a 3 1/8" / 80mm panel hole.
£ 475.00(563.91 €)
(Code: AHRS4)
MGL Avionics Blaze AHRS-4 HorizonNEW October 2019
Special launch price
Self-contained artificial Horizon
With internal sensors
Horizon, slip ball, G-force

£ 875.00(1,038.79 €)
(Code: AHRS2)
a. MGL Avionics Blaze AHRS-2Artificial Horizon
With external sensor packs
Magnetic Compass
Slip ball
Turn coordinator

£ 399.00(473.69 €)
(Code: MAG2)
c. MGL Avionics Blaze MAG-2 CompassMagnetic Compass

£ 215.00(255.25 €)
(Code: AV2)
d. MGL Avionics Blaze AV-2 - just the displayDisplay unit only
Use for multiple displays

£ 210.00(249.31 €)
(Code: V info)
d.MGL Vega INFO-1 G-Force
UTC and Local Time
Slip Indicator 
Outside Air Temperature
Battery Voltage
Current and Charge
Flight Timer & Flight Log
Stopwatch, Countdown Timer and Alarm

£ 850.00(1,009.11 €)
(Code: V AHRS)
f.MGL Vega AHRS-1 Horizon Display and Compass

Horizon display
Magnetic compass
Vega Display, SP-6 magnetometer and SP-7 solid state gyro package.

£ 389.00(461.82 €)
(Code: V MAG)
g.MGL Vega MAG-1 Magnetic Compass

Magnetic Compass package
Vega Display and SP-6 magnetometer.

£ 199.00(236.25 €)
(Code: V AV)
h.MGL Vega AV - Just the display unit only - no sensors
Horizon display,
Magnetic Compass,
or both combined.
You decide based on sensor package.

£ 269.00(319.35 €)
(Code: ALT6)
MGL Avionics Blaze ALT-6 Altimeter & VSIAltimeter 
Vertical Speed Indicator
Serial Altitude Encoder
£ 289.00(343.10 €)
(Code: ALT7)
MGL Avionics Blaze ALT-7 Altimeter & VSIAltimeter 
Vertical Speed Indicator
Altitude Encoder Serial & Parallel Gilham code 

£ 269.00(319.35 €)
(Code: ASI5)
MGL Avionics Blaze ASI-5 Airspeed IndicatorAirspeed Indicator ASI
£ 299.00(354.97 €)
(Code: ASV2)
MGL Avionics Blaze ASV-2 - combined ASI,ALT & VSIAirspeed Indicator
Vertical Speed Indicator

LAA Approved backup instrument

£ 219.00(259.99 €)
(Code: INFO2)
MGL Avionics Blaze INFO-2 information displayG-Force
Time UTC and Local
Slip indicator
Volts and Current
Comprehensive timer
Outside Air Temp
£ 249.00(295.61 €)
(Code: V ALT5)
MGL Vega ALT-5 Altimeter & VSIAltimeter and VSI
with encoder

£ 230.00(273.05 €)
(Code: V ASI4)
MGL Vega ASI-4  Airspeed IndicatorAirspeed indicator

£ 279.00(331.23 €)
(Code: V ASV1)
MGL Vega ASV-1  Altimeter Airspeed VSIAltimeter  
Airspeed indicator

LAA Approved for use 
as an EFIS backup 

£ 184.00(218.44 €)
(Code: 1037)
MGL Velocity ASI-3

Airspeed Indicator

and Flight Log

SAVE £50 was £234

£ 239.00(283.74 €)
(Code: 1038)
MGL Velocity ASX2
Altimeter and Airspeed Indicator

Transponder Encoder Output

SAVE £50 was £289

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