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MGL Avionics iEFIS Lite range

LAA IFR approval

G-RVSA Van's RV-6A, first aircraft to get LAA IFR approval using an MGL iEFIS glass panel. 

NOISE annoys

A few Discovery lite customers in 2015 complained about interference on their radios that badly affected certain frequencies.  This issue has been resolved from firmware  A higher . The latest version is available as a free download from the manufacturer's website HERE and it is very simple to install. All units, including used or ex-demo stock, are sold with the latest MGL firmware and a full satisfaction or your money back guarantee - see our terms and conditions.

Discovery lite, Explorer lite and Challenger lite

Discovery Lite £2100.00 inc vat (£1750 without vat)
Explorer Lite £2300 inc vat (£1917 without vat)
Challenger Lite £2995 inc vat (£2496 without vat)

- instrument only - see below for special package deals.

The complete self-contained iEFIS
AHRS solid state gyros inside - no extra cost.
All flight instruments.
Connect to PilotAware for traffic display.
Full EMS engine monitoring, just add an RDAC-XF (£250)
or RDAC-XF-MAP (£299)
(manifold Pressure model)
No iBOX required with "lite" models 

Save £100

Discovery Lite + RDAC-XF-MAP = £2299 including vat
Discovery Lite + RDAC-XF = £2250 including vat
Explorer Lite + RDAC-XF-MAP = £2499 including vat
Explorer Lite + RDAC-XF = £2450 including vat

Add an SP-6 compass module, normally £190, for just £179, saving an extra £11

Up to two "Lite” panels can be used in a single system and they can share RS232 ports and CAN bus devices.

A typical comprehensive functionality "Lite” panel may consist of:

A) One or two EFIS panels
B) One RDAC for engine monitoring plus probes as needed
C) One SP-6 compass

Add to this:

D) One, two or three autopilot servos
E) SP-10 Flap and Trim controller

Also consider the large available range of peripherals from MGL and third parties ranging from VHF radios, navigation radios, transponders, electronic circuit breakers and more.

iEFIS Explorer lite 8.5" and iEFIS Discovery lite 7"

iEFIS "Lite" range

The stand-alone iEFIS, with built-in AHRS.

The Discovery has a bright non-reflective 7" touch screen of around 1000+ nits. The Explorer has a similar 8.5" touch screen. The Challenger's touch screen is 10.4".
They all look, feel and think like an iEFIS. They have the iEFIS G3 CPU and they run the exact same firmware as the full iEFIS system (in other words they use the same binary and sources).

The Discovery looses a rotary control and the 12 buttons under the display which are now a fixture of the touch screen on the left side. The Explorer lite and Challenger lite retain the buttons and knobs.
All gain a built in GPS, AHRS with gyros and accelerometers, airspeed pressure sensor as well as altimeter. They connect to peripherals via a CAN bus as well as two RS232 ports.

So, considering the above, we can say the "lite" can do anything a full iEFIS can, subject to having fewer hardware interfaces - but because of that there is no need for a separate iBOX.

The CAN bus supports anything we have - Autopilot servos, engine monitoring modules, flap and trim controller, tranponders, compass, etc.
You can also connect an external AHRS if you like and you get RS232 ports for radios, ADSB etc.

There is a small expansion module - if needed, it provides analog and digital inputs, more RS232 ports, a AOA sensor and few additional items. Call it a "mini" iBox if you will.

The "Lite" is a stand-alone system, unlike our normal iEFIS systems where you can have multiple, joined panels in a complex infrastructure.

"Lites" are straight forward to install and make great panels for owners of smaller aircraft who want a sophisticated EFIS but without the cost and complications of a large system.

A typical Lite system would be: The Discovery / Explorer / Challenger Lite panel, a RDAC for engine monitoring (if needed), perhaps a SP-6 compass. That's it. Add autopilot servos for an even greater overall deal...

The Discovery could be viewed as a direct replacement for our popular Enigma. It is similar in panel size but with a bigger, much higher resolution screen and of course is a powerhouse of functionality where needed.




CHARTS: Available FREE from OpenFlightMaps

£ 2,250.00(2,558.99 €)
(Code: Dlite-XF1)
Discovery and Explorer lite + RDAC-XF dealsSPECIAL DEAL
SAVE £100

chose the one that is right for your engine.

7" or 8.5" touchscreen
AHRS inside
No iBOX required

£ 2,995.00(3,406.30 €)
(Code: Chalite)
MGL Avionics Challenger lite - FREE RDAC-XGFREE RDAC XG
Engine module
worth £199

10.4" Touchscreen
AHRS Inside

No ibox required

FREE UK and EU delivery
This will be refunded if you are charged delivery at checkout

£ 2,100.00(2,388.39 €)
(Code: Dlite)
MGL Avionics Discovery lite - FREE RDAC-XGFREE RDAC-XG
Engine Module
Worth £199

7" touchscreen
AHRS inside
No iBOX required

FREE UK and EU delivery
This will be refunded if you are charged delivery at checkout

£ 2,300.00(2,615.85 €)
(Code: Exlite)
MGL Avionics Explorer lite + free RDAC-XGFREE RDAC-XG
Engine module
Worth £199

8.5" touchscreen
AHRS inside
No iBOX required

FREE UK and EU delivery
This will be refunded if you are charged delivery at checkout

£ 240.00(272.96 €)
(Code: Ext)
MGL Avionics Extender Module

For iEFIS lite models

£ 179.00(203.58 €)
(Code: 912isCAN)
MGL Avionics RDAC CAN for Rotax 912isRDAC CAN  ECU interface
for full engine monitoring

Rotax 912 is
£ 179.00(203.58 €)
(Code: 912 UL RDAC)
MGL Avionics RDAC CAN for UL PowerUL POWER

RDAC-CAN ECU interface
For full engine monitoring 

£ 265.50(301.96 €)
(Code: rdac2)
MGL Avionics RDAC-XF
RDAC XF engine module.
£ 299.00(340.06 €)
(Code: rdac2m)
RDAC XF MAP (with manifold pressure sensor)
£ 199.00(226.33 €)
(Code: rdacG)
MGL Avionics RDAC-XG
RDAC XG engine module.
Compact, lower priced variant.
Supplied with pre-wired harness
£ 875.00(995.16 €)
(Code: 1427)
MGL Avionics Servo Rod and bearings
Price includes a fitting kit containing:

1 x Alu tube 30cm
1 x Rod end bearing RHT 
1 x Rod end bearing LHT 
4 x rivets
£ 459.00(522.03 €)
(Code: SP12)
MGL Avionics SP-12 GPS module + GPS antenna

14 CFR §91.227c, AC 20- 165B,
Appendix B
 compliant GPS receiver

qualified for SIL 3 and SDA 2

£ 1,320.00(1,501.27 €)
(Code: SP9)
MGL Avionics SP-9 IFR grade AHRS unitHigh grade ring gyroscope
Magnetic compass
Designed for IFR use.
G-RVSA has been cleared by the LAA for IFR using the SP-9

£ 349.00(396.93 €)
(Code: ECB)
o MGL Avionics ECB - electronic circuit breakers
Electronic Circuit Breaker Module

Low cost alternative to Vertical Power

Click HERE for manual
£ 89.00(101.22 €)
(Code: ECBsw)
o MGL Avionics ECB - switch kit - 8 piecesSwitch kit for use with ECB

Can be used with an EFIS or
just use the switch kit to control
the ECB.

Click HERE for manual
£ 99.00(112.60 €)
(Code: TRIG)
t MGL Avionics Trig Transponder InterfaceMGL avionics CAN bus interface for Trig Avionics TT21 and TT22 transponders
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