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MGL Velocity AV2 AHRS system

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MGL Velocity AV2 AHRS system
Combines an AV 2 display with an SP-6 magnetometer and an SP-7 attitude module for a combined Compass heading indicator, Horizon, Balance Ball , Turn and Slip as well as G-force display.

You can buy more AV 2 displays to show Horizon on one screen, Compass on another and Turn and Slip on a third, all using the same SP-6 and SP-7 modules. In fact you can connect up to 6 AV 2 display units to the one set of SP-6 and SP-7 modules for an impressive duel layout. Or run an AV-2 allongside an EFIS glass panel
More information on the AV-2 HRS, ARS & AHRS range:
Artificial horizon and magnetic compass indicator screen - requires a magnetometer (SP-6) for compass and an attitude module (SP-7) for horizon / balance ball / slip

The AV-2 can be setup to display the following:

Compass with five different displays (requires MGL Avionics SP-6 sensor package)

Horizon with or without slip indicator (requires MGL Avionics SP-5 or SP-7 sensor package)

Turn and bank indicator (requires MGL Avionics SP-5 or SP-7 sensor package)

Combined compass and horizon display with bank indicator and optional slip indicator (requires MGL Avionics SP6 & SP-5 or SP-7 sensor package)

You can also share sensor packages between various different sizes of instrument e.g. Infinity 2 1/4" AV-1 units. For example you may want a 3 1/8" horizon display but a 2 1/4" compass/turn and bank indicator.

Artificial horizon reference system (AHRS) display unit with slip indication as well as turn and bank indication

Advanced magnetic compass with course steering feature

Can be setup as an individual compass display, artificial horizon or both

The AV-2 is connected to the sensor packages by a simple 2 wire airtalk communication link. This allows for the optimum placement of the sensor package in the aircraft

More than one AV-2 can be connected onto an airtalk link. This allows the compass, artificial horizon and the turn and bank indicator to be displayed on different AV-1/ AV-2 units


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