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RDAC / SP-6 / SP-7 / SP-10 / ECB / Avioguard

£ 96.00(109.18 €)
(Code: 624)

Serial to Parallel encoder for transponder mode c

£ 179.00(203.58 €)
(Code: 912isCAN)
MGL Avionics RDAC CAN for Rotax 912isRDAC CAN  ECU interface
for full engine monitoring

Rotax 912 is
£ 179.00(203.58 €)
(Code: 912 UL RDAC)
MGL Avionics RDAC CAN for UL PowerUL POWER

RDAC-CAN ECU interface
For full engine monitoring 

£ 265.50(301.96 €)
(Code: rdac2)
MGL Avionics RDAC-XF
RDAC XF engine module.
£ 299.00(340.06 €)
(Code: rdac2m)
RDAC XF MAP (with manifold pressure sensor)
£ 199.00(226.33 €)
(Code: rdacG)
MGL Avionics RDAC-XG
RDAC XG engine module.
Compact, lower priced variant.
Supplied with pre-wired harness
£ 459.00(522.03 €)
(Code: SP12)
MGL Avionics SP-12 GPS module + GPS antenna

14 CFR 91.227c, AC 20- 165B,
Appendix B
 compliant GPS receiver

qualified for SIL 3 and SDA 2

£ 199.00(226.33 €)
(Code: 284)
MGL Avionics SP-6 Magnetometer

For Compass and DI functions
In-flight calibration

£ 499.00(567.53 €)
(Code: 427)
MGL Avionics SP-7 AHRS

Solid state attitude gyros for horizon, balance ball, turn indicator, and G-force.

£ 1,320.00(1,501.27 €)
(Code: SP9)
MGL Avionics SP-9 IFR grade AHRS unitHigh grade ring gyroscope
Magnetic compass
Designed for IFR use.
G-RVSA has been cleared by the LAA for IFR using the SP-9

£ 560.00(636.90 €)
(Code: AvioG)
n MGL Avionics AvioGuard Dc to DC converter  DC to DC converter for avionics applications.

Clean, safe electrical supply

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£ 349.00(396.93 €)
(Code: ECB)
o MGL Avionics ECB - electronic circuit breakers
Electronic Circuit Breaker Module

Low cost alternative to Vertical Power

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£ 89.00(101.22 €)
(Code: ECBsw)
o MGL Avionics ECB - switch kit - 8 piecesSwitch kit for use with ECB

Can be used with an EFIS or
just use the switch kit to control
the ECB.

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£ 179.00(203.58 €)
(Code: 950)
SP-10 Flap and Trim Controller

The SP-10 provides flap control as well as pitch and roll trim functionality to an EFIS system

£ 11.99(13.64 €)
(Code: 973)
SP-7- SP-6 Combination Cable Used to connect the SP-6 and SP-7 (or SP-5) to use a common data lead to the EFIS
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