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Vega Singles by MGL Avionics

The Stratomaster Vega range consists of twelve 2 1/4" colour display based instruments.

Using a high resolution colour graphics display, these instruments provide excellent daylight readability, even in direct sunlight. In addition they all have built in backlighting making them easy to read at night time. 

It includes a rotary control plus 2 independent keys for easy menu navigation and to access specific instrument features. 

The Vega range also has a wide supply voltage range of 8 to 30V DC with with built in reverse and over voltage protection. 

All engine monitoring Vega instruments have the ability to interface to a MGL Avionics RDAC unit.

£ 344.00(391.24 €)
(Code: FF4 deal)
a.FF4 and MGL Flow Sender Special Offer
Special Offer
Fuel Computer
SAVE £25.00
MGL Vega FF4 and
MGL Flow Sender

£ 518.00(589.14 €)
(Code: FF4 Rdeal)
b.FF4 and Red Cube Flow Sender Special Offer
Special Offer
Comprehensive Fuel Computer
SAVE £20.00
MGL Vega FF4 and
Red Cube flow sender. 

£ 259.00(294.57 €)
(Code: V FF4)
c.MGL Vega FF-4 Fuel ComputerNEW
FF-4 Fuel Computer
£ 210.00(238.84 €)
(Code: V info)
d.MGL Vega INFO-1 G-Force
UTC and Local Time
Slip Indicator 
Outside Air Temperature
Battery Voltage
Current and Charge
Flight Timer & Flight Log
Stopwatch, Countdown Timer and Alarm

£ 450.00(511.80 €)
(Code: V-AHRS3)
e.MGL Vega AHRS-3 HorizonNEW October 2019
Special launch price
Self-contained artificial Horizon
With internal sensors
Horizon, slip ball, G-force

£ 850.00(966.73 €)
(Code: V AHRS)
f.MGL Vega AHRS-1 Horizon Display and Compass

Horizon display
Magnetic compass
Vega Display, SP-6 magnetometer and SP-7 solid state gyro package.

£ 389.00(442.42 €)
(Code: V MAG)
g.MGL Vega MAG-1 Magnetic Compass

Magnetic Compass package
Vega Display and SP-6 magnetometer.

£ 199.00(226.33 €)
(Code: V AV)
h.MGL Vega AV - Just the display unit only - no sensors
Horizon display,
Magnetic Compass,
or both combined.
You decide based on sensor package.

£ 249.00(283.19 €)
(Code: V ALT5)
MGL Vega ALT-5 Altimeter & VSIAltimeter and VSI
with encoder

£ 230.00(261.59 €)
(Code: V ASI4)
MGL Vega ASI-4  Airspeed IndicatorAirspeed indicator

£ 279.00(317.31 €)
(Code: V ASV1)
MGL Vega ASV-1  Altimeter Airspeed VSIAltimeter  
Airspeed indicator

LAA Approved for use 
as an EFIS backup 

£ 269.00(305.94 €)
(Code: EMS1)
MGL Vega EMS-1 Universal Engine Monitor
£ 230.00(261.59 €)
(Code: V MAP3)
MGL Vega MAP-3 Manifold P & RPMManifold pressure

£ 209.00(237.70 €)
(Code: V RPM1)
MGL Vega RPM-1 for engine or rotor RPM Universal engine RPM
or rotor RPM
Works with a very wide range of engines
£ 229.00(260.45 €)
(Code: V TC4)
MGL Vega TC-4 - EGT / CHT IndicatorUp to 4 Channels
CHT and/or EGT

£ 199.00(226.33 €)
(Code: V TP3)
MGL Vega TP3 Pressure Temperature Current Volts4 Channel Universal
analogue inputs

£ 110.00(125.11 €)
(Code: 1149)

Fuel Flow Sender
Use with all MGL fuel flow instruments






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