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z- Flight Data Systems AP-60 AUDIO MIXER

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z- Flight Data Systems AP-60 AUDIO MIXER
Flight Data Systems - AP-60 Audio Mixer

Why Spend $1000+ and Precious Panel Space on an Audio Panel when all you need is an AP-60?
An Audio Mixer is Required any time there is more than one Audio Source. This unit mixes and amplifies six audio inputs. Mounts behind the instrument panel.
    For Example:
  • Communications Radio Audio
  • Navigation Radio Audio
  • EFIS Warning Audio
  • Music Player Audio
  • Traffic Warning Audio 
  •  Mounts Behind the Instrument Panel
  • Aux. Audio Input
  • Compact (2.5" X 3.4 X .6"), Lightweight (2.1 oz) Mounts Easily
  • 12-28 Volt Compatible
  • No Special Tools Required For Installation


    We suggest powering the AP-60 from your avionics bus. It should be on a

    circuit protected by a fuse or circuit breaker. The AP-60 power circuit may

    be shared by other devices such as an intercom. The fuse/circuit breaker

    may be as small as 1 Amp.


    Audio Inputs:

    All AP-60 inputs are identical, thus, any device may be wired to any

    input. Below is a diagram detailing one possible configuration of the

    AP-60. Optionally switches can be installed on the input lines to

    enable turning off and on specific devices.


    Twist and "tin” each the wire that will be inserted into the AP-60 terminal

    strip for best performance.

    Audio signals both to and from the AP-60 should be carried on shielded

    cables. This prevents interference from leaking into your audio system.

    The shield of each input and output cable should be grounded on one end

    of the cable, either at the AP-60 or at the audio device. Multiple shields

    can be combined and grounded at either of the two ground points on the


    Audio Output:

    The output of the AP-60 should be connected to the Intercom's

    communications radio input. If the intercom has an input for a

    music device (Ipod, etc…), we suggest connecting that device to the

    directly to the intercom rather than the AP-60. This will allow the

    intercom to use any built in muting feature for the music and will keep

    the music in stereo if applicable.

    An intercom is not required for the AP-60 to operate. It may be

    connected directly to single or multiple headphone jacks if desired.




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