EFIS Range

Covid-19 availability. The MX1, Discovery, Explorer and Challenger iEFIS range will be available in limited quantities in 2021. Xtreme EMS and Xtreme EFIS are currently available for immediate dispatch.  You can reserve any item, no deposit required, just send us a request using the Contact Us tab. 

Parts For Aircraft Ltd


  EU Customers - NO TAX or CHARGES on delivery 

We are located in Northern Ireland and will continue to export under EU Customs Rules (unlike companies in the rest of the UK). So, from 1 January 2021, nothing changes. You continue to pay the vat inclusive prices on our website, and you will not pay any tax or tariffs upon delivery. Businesses will still be able to enter their vat number at checkout and we will zero rate the sale. 

And of course, there is no change for our customers throughout the United Kingdom.