MGL Avionics iEFIS MX1

MGL Avionics iEFIS MX1
MGL Avionics iEFIS MX1MGL Avionics iEFIS MX1MGL Avionics iEFIS MX1
MGL Avionics iEFIS MX1MGL Avionics iEFIS MX1
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SPECIAL OFFER:  add  SP-6 compass for 265 (normally 285)
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Model:  MX1
Brand:  MGL Avionics

MGL iEFIS MX1 is a low-cost full-function EFIS panel.

MGL Avionics MX-1 - Low Cost iEFIS


The MX1 is the latest in the long line of MGL Avionics products. This EFIS features a 7”, wide viewing angle, touch screen, that can be configured for portrait or landscape viewing mode.

It is different from its iEFIS siblings because it is based on the latest developments in micro-controller technology. Micro-controllers have recently become very powerful indeed and are encroaching on the performance advantages of application processors, as used in our Discovery, Explorer and Challenger range. The MX1 takes full advantage of this development.  It packs most of the functionality of a traditional iEFIS system into a lower cost solution that requires fewer components, resulting directly in potentially higher robustness and reliability in challenging environments.

The MX1 shines as a low cost single panel solution for many applications but can equally well be combined into an integrated multi-panel system with up to 8 panels, very similar to a traditional, full function iEFIS system.

The MX1 provides all your flight instrumentation. Full customisation is possible to suit any aircraft from the smallest microlight to a mach 1 jet. Pitot, static and AOA ports are built-in. The horizon is driven by an internal AHRS unit comprising solid-state gyros and accelerometers. 

The MX1 is also a comprehensive engine monitor, fully configurable to suit any engine and a very wide variety of engine sensors and senders. This is achieved by connecting one of our RDAC engine modules and installing it firewall forward. All engine sensors, plus fuel level, fuel flow and fuel pressure are connected to the RDAC, which in turn communicates to the MX1 via a simple two wire CAN bus link.  

The MX1 is also a GPS moving map navigation instrument. The GPS aerial is supplied and the instrument is pre-loaded with a UK chart. Charts are available online for other countries via Open Flightmaps and the instrument is supplied with MGL Mapmaker 2 software so you can convert any paper chart to run on the MX1. 

FOR LOTS MORE INFORMATION: Download the product manual  AND:   Download the installation manual

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Features include:

7" sunlight view-able touchscreen.

GPS Map display using scanned aviation charts.

Simple installation and wiring.

Built-in, newly developed, AHRS.

Altimeter to 40.000ft, and dual airspeed sensors covering the range from just 20mph to mach 1 at sea level.

Built in AOA sensor, with audio voice annunciation and sound generators for AOA and Vario.

OAT sensor.

Built-in WAAS GPS qualified to TSO-C199 SIL/SDA of 1/1.

CAN bus and 4 internal RS232 ports (expandable to 8 ports).

Support for all MGL devices and peripherals and several third party products.

Analogue and digital inputs and outputs with the iEFIS Extender.

Full iEFIS autopilot (up to three axis control), just add MGL servos.

Interfaces to Trig transponder, and a range of COM and NAV radios.

User definable custom screens, just the way you can do with any other iEFIS system.

Download a pdf drawing with MX-1 dimensions. These are the same dimensions as the Discovery Lite but in portrait format. (Discovery Lite is landscape format). Click Here for dimensions.


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