MGL Avionics iEFIS glass panel range with iBOX

MGL Avionics iEFIS glass panel range with iBOX
MGL Avionics iEFIS glass panel range with iBOXMGL Avionics iEFIS glass panel range with iBOXMGL Avionics iEFIS glass panel range with iBOXMGL Avionics iEFIS glass panel range with iBOX
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Add extra Explorer screen for dual panel
Add extra Challenger screen for dual panel
SPECIAL OFFER:  add  SP-6 compass for 265 (normally 285
SPECIAL OFFER:  add  SP-7 AHRS for 499 (normally 549)
SPECIAL OFFER:  add  RDAC-XG for 199 (normally 249)
SPECIAL OFFER:  add  RDAC-XF for 260 (normally 360
SPECIAL OFFER:  add  RDAC-XF-MAP for 390 (normally 450)

Model:  Ex
Brand:  MGL Avionics

MGL Avionics iEFIS Explorer 8.5" and Challenger 10.4" glass panels with iBOX. 

The iEFIS system consists of three different sized touch screen panels:

Challenger: 10.4” XVGA
Explorer: 8.5” WGA
Discovery: 7” WGA (only available as a "lite" version).

These are full feature systems and require an iBOX unit which is the central part of the system. One or two iBOX devices can share up to 8 panels.

Challenger Lite, Explorer Lite and Discovery Lite do not require an iBOX and feature built in sensors and AHRS. These variants are intended for aircraft not requiring the full interface capability and this results in lower cost and simplified installation.


iEFIS is the most advanced and flexible touch-screen system money can buy. 


In turbulence take full control using the buttons and knobs.


Enjoy worldwide mapping and display your own CAA charts with terrain and aviation database (update via a subscription from Pocket FMS)


Add to and manipulate the aviation database - add farm strips and fly simulated ILS approaches anywhere.


Select from a wide range of pre-installed screens or design your own on your PC. Up to 9 screens can be displayed and changed at the turn

of a knob. 


Comprehensive and very flexible engine monitoring with full audio and visual alarms.


Traffic display using PilotAware, FLARM, XRX


Full autopilot functionality -  just add MGL servos 


For Manuals and all iEFIS documents Click Here


Panel Dimensions:  Discovery 7"     Explorer 8.5"     Challenger 10.4"

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A typical system is shown above using a single iBOX. Wiring is greatly reduced by being able to place the iBOX in a suitable location while interconnections between the systems is minimised by using effective network connections to panels and the well proven automotive CAN network interface to devices.

This image shows only a few of the many options but serves as an introduction to a possible system

Functionality in brief - more detail in the manual. 

Primary Flight instruments:

Altimeter, Airspeed, Vertical speed, AHRS, rate of turn, slip, angle of attack.

Synthetic vision including 4 video sources (FLIR cameras etc), TAWS (on synthetic vision and 2D maps).

Navigation system:

Built in WAAS GPS (50 channels), connectivity to external navigation systems and radios. ARINC (G430 etc), VOR, ILS. Including built in simulated ILS/Glide slope and VOR using GPS.

Voice annunciation and alerts


Engine monitoring:

Via external RDAC modules up to 4 engines, comprehensive sensor connectivity. Suitable for any type of engine including turbines. RDAC modules greatly reduce wiring.


Systems from simple to complex redundancy can be constructed using multiple sensors (AHRS etc), dual iBOX and multiple panels. Master and backup power supplies in various topographies supported.

“Lite” systems provide self contained panels that can share sensors.



Supports external autopilots (NMEA and ARINC) as well as providing a built in autopilot that can drive MGL servos directly.

The built in autopilot is one of the best in the industry and can fly even “twitchy” aircraft in all conditions. Supports one, two or three axis servo control. Autopilot includes lateral as well as vertical control and can fly glide slopes.

Connectivity iEFIS with iBox :

6 x RS232, 3 ARINC RX, 1 ARINC TX. 2 x CAN. Analogue nav inputs, analogue/digital inputs, encoder output, general purpose outputs

“Lite” versions (no iBox): 2 x RS232, 1 x CAN and can be expanded using the MGL Extender. 

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